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Hurricane Sandy HelpHurricane Sandy: Ranked As Second Costliest Storm Behind Katrina

[Thu, March 28, 2013] Although headlines and news reports describing the horror of Hurricane Sandy have ceased, many property owners are still struggling from its aftermath.

Sandy moved through 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine and west across the Appalachian Mountains to Michigan and Wisconsin. Sandy’s wrath effected New York and New Jersey the most with its gale force winds and vast flooding. Many of the deaths and much of the disastrous damage in the Northeast was caused by storm surge, which pushed water from four to nine feet above ground in New York’s Staten Island, Brooklyn and portions of Manhattan as well as along the coast in New Jersey.

As I watched in dismay the live reports and eyewitness news of Sandy’s fury, I couldn’t help but think of all the families affected by this storm. My thoughts and heart was with the victims and the first-response personnel. While I could not have been able to predict its utter impact, I knew what these families would have to face once Sandy receded.

Soon after the storm I and fellow Zevuloni & Associates Public Adjusters licensed in NY, NJ and CT (among other states) were en route to the Northeast to help property owners with their insurance claims and offer valuable information and free of charge consultations.

Seeing the dreadfulness and devastation first hand was as distressing as it was encouraging to help those affected and do all that I could to aid and assist.

I am proud to say that amid the hassle of post Sandy days, our firm sponsored a food truck feeding over 350 people in one of the worst hit neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY – Seagate. With doughnuts, smoothies, hot food and invaluable information station - Zevuloni & Associates were there to help!

If you have been following this blog, you know that an immediate lack of damage mitigation, overlooking key details, or failure to provide supporting evidence following a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy could jeopardize and therefore significantly minimize a commercial or residential insurance claim settlement.

My goal was to reach out and educate property owners so that they had the proper knowledge and tools to restore their businesses and rebuild their homes. I aspired to ensure that the insured were not cheated out of settlements which they rightfully deserved following a massive loss. Along with a team of my co-workers, I spend many weeks which turned into months (hence the lack of frequent blog entries since Sandy) in New York and New Jersey helping property owners to reach a maximum and fair insurance settlement in the shortest possible period of time.

Hurricane Sandy ranked among the most expensive hurricanes in history — for both the United States and Cuba. In a recent report, the National Hurricane Center estimated damage to the U.S. at $50 billion, the second-largest loss since 1900. Hurricane Katrina, which flooded much of New Orleans in 2005, caused $108 billion. In Cuba, losses were estimated at $2 billion, making Sandy one of the most damaging storms ever to strike the island.

Between $10 billion and $25 billion in losses will be covered by private insurance, according to different estimates from risk-modeling companies that supply data to the insurance industry. The National Flood Insurance Program, which is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, may incur $7.5 billion in claims for 2012, the second-highest year after Katrina.

In it’s recent reports, Tower Group Inc. (TWGP) has increased its estimated loss from super-storm Sandy, citing higher loss-adjustment expenses on the insurer's direct business and an increase in the amount of storm losses covered under its assumed reinsurance business and in some of its alternative investments. Tower now projects a fourth-quarter after-tax loss from Sandy between $79 million and $81 million.

The devastating consequences of Hurricane Sandy to American families and businesses, particularly those in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, cannot be overstated. As those affected by the storm began the process of rebuilding and returning to normalcy, all attention has turned to their insurance coverage and claim settlement. Please let me help you with any of your questions or concerns regarding Hurricane Sandy claims. Don't hesitate to contact me now!

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